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How To Play KanJam | PRO TIPS By DICK'S Sporting Goods INSTANT WIN: The disc throw goes into the kan through the small slot opening in the front. Game over. ... Here is an example of how overtime could play out: Team A and Team B head to an overtime round. Team A throws first and gets two points. Team B gets a three-point Bucket on their first throw. TEAM B WINS. KanJam Illuminate Game Set | DICK'S Sporting Goods Rated 1 out of 5 by Ddbsll4 from The product was not what was in the package We purchased this 21 days ago and got it home only to find out the material in the box did not match the label. This was returned and the associate at the store did try and help but could not explain what the item was different than the package. How To Play KanJam - Jam Kancer in the Kan

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Kan Jam is now played in all 50 states, across Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, across Europe and many other countries around the world. Variations of the original game include Kan Jam Mini and Kan Jam Splash. Kan Jam Mini is designed to be played indoors or out, on table tops, the floor and anywhere it fits. Home | KanJam

If a disc goes through the Instant win slot and comes out the top, how many points is that worth? There’s no worst feeling in KanJam then watching your surefire Instant Win throw go through the slot and out the top of the goal, as this would only be a deuce (2-pointer).

It was a total blast and I don’t think having the original Kan Jam would have made the game any better. So, my question today is simple. Am I a thief? Do I have a moral obligation to purchase the game? Part of me thinks yes. I mean, Kan Jam was made by two guys and it’s super fun. They deserve to be rewarded handsomely for their ingenuity. Kan Jam Game Set - kohls.com


Mar 26, 2017 ... Carefully attach one "KanJam" label above the "Instant Win" slot on the .... If a deflector tips the disc into the goal and it comes back out the slot, ... Kan Jam - Ball Cap Mom Jan 27, 2017 ... After watching and figuring out the rules for play, and seeing how much ... Basically, each team has a Kan Jam frisbee and a “kan” with a slot in ... But…the rules that come with the game say you need two teams of two players. KanJam Review (Summer 2019) | BeachRated You're worn out from Spikeball. ... You only need 4 people to play this game (two teams of 2), 2 Kanjam cans, .... At any time during the game a team can win the game instantly by throwing the disc through the small slot on the front of the goal. .... It comes with 1 glow in the dark disc, 2 light pods that you can put at the bottom  ... Kan Jam | The Grommet Want to get the gang moving at your next backyard get-together? Break out the Kan Jam. After getting inspired by a friendly round of garbage-can Frisbee, ...